Places to Visit in Ladakh

Ladakh is all about crossing the various 'la' or the mountain passes. Ladakh literally means land of many passes. It is a place of many high passes. Passes are the natural doors to the other mountains and peaks. These passes are located so high in the mountain that they give the best adventure while crossing. One can enjoy the road trip / motor biking from Delhi via Manali – Ladakh and also from Srinagar to Ladakh. The road trip is full of adventure that ones loves to do again and again.


Pangong Lake

Pangong Lake
It is the most thrilling and mesmerising attraction of Ladakh, mostly people come Ladakh just to see this Lake. About 160 km from Leh, this beautiful water reservoir is about 134 Km long and 60% of the lake falls under China. At an altitude of 14,270 ft. the clear blue water of the lake reflects surrounded by mountains all around. The scenic beauty with the tranquil and serene environment appears to be so unreal to the tourist.

A drive to this lake will result in one of the most wonderful experiences. The journey begins at Thiksey village, which is famous for its huge monasteries covering an entire mountain range. And beyond this remote village there is nothing but the vast expanse of extreme mountain ranges for company. Due to the saltiness in the water of the lake, there is very less micro-vegetation. There are no fish or other aquatic life in the lake, except for some small crustaceans. However, numerous ducks and gulls over and on the lake surface can be spotted in plenty. There are some species of scrub and perennial herbs that grow in the marshes around the lake.

Tso Moriri

Tso Moriri
Situated at an altitude of 4,522 m (14,836 ft). Tso Moriri Lake is a fresh water lake unlike the Pangong lake which has saline water, it is crystal clear and of a deep blue color. It is the largest of the high altitude lakes entirely within India and entirely within Ladakh in this Trans-Himalayan biogeographic region. The journey from Leh to Tso Moriri is magnificent offering a sudden change in the landscape from rough and rugged to lush green full of vegetation. Tso Moriri lso Known as 'Mountain Lake', fed by springs and snow-melt from neighboring mountains. Most water enters the lake in two major stream systems, one entering the lake from the north, the other from the southwest.

The lake measures about 28 km in length from north to south and about 4-6 km in breadth and about 100 feet average in depth. Maximum depth of Tso Moriri Lake is 248 ft. ranges in Leh and thanks to its serenity, is a good place to relax. Tso Moriri Lake is surrounded by barren hills, with the backdrop of beautiful snow-covered mountains.

Accessibility to this lake is limited to summer season, though Karzok on the northwest shore and the military facilities on the eastern shore.

Royal Leh Palace

Royal Leh Palace
Royal Palace of Leh is a nine-storey high structure which offers a grand panoramic view of the town of Leh and the Indus river. It was Built by King Sengge Namgyal in the 17th century. It has a museum which displays rare collections of ceremonial crowns, dresses, jewelleries, ornaments etc.

Leh Palace was the tallest building in the world when it was built in 1553, being just above the old Leh city stood on a rocky hill is built of stones, mud, woods and sand is imposing even from a distance. It loomed above Leh, like an omnipresent figure. The city is under its watchful eyes.

One must not miss the visit to this palace, as it is an architecture wonder to build such a huge building on a slanting rocky hill and more so, for having survived the past 400 years in a good condition

Basgo Monastery

Basgo Monastery
Basgo Monastery:
Basgo Monastery, also known as Basgo or Basgo Gompa, is a Buddhist monastery located in Basgo approximately 40 km from Leh on Leh-Kargil-Srinagar highway. The monastery was built by Namgyal rulers in 1680 and is situated on top of hill towering over the remains of the ancient town and is noted for its Buddha statue which is 75 feet in height and Murals. It is of historical importance and is the only place where original 16th century Murals still exist. The Monastery has three temples- CHAMBA MAITREYA (with Image of Maitreya on clay), SERZANG TEMPLE (with Copper built Image of Maitreya) and CHAM CHUNG TEMPLE (which was in the beginning built as Mosque but later transformed to Maitreya).

Other places to visit are: Basgo Castle, Chamba temple and ruins.

Zanskar Valley

Zanskar Valley
Zanaskar valley is Sandwich between the Great Himalayas range and the Zanaskar mountain range. Zanskar valley is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Ladakh. The Zansker river which has lent its name to the valley flows through the valley. Zanskar valley surrounded by lofty mountains and deep gorges is closed for about eight months in a year due to heavy snowfall in the region.

Zanskar can be reached by road and by trek in summer. If you go by road, it takes two days to reach to Padum. Leh-kargil (235kms) and kargil-zanskar (230kms) approximately 465 Kms. Zanskar valley is situated south west of Leh and south East of Kargil. The road from Leh to kargil is well built with mettle road and from half way between Kargil and Zanskar, the terrain is quite rough and full of magnificent flora & fauna sights.

The landscapes are wonderful with different shapes and colors of the mountains, rocks and boulders. One can also have the opportunity to see the large glacier on the way. Its unique high passes and the valleys, crystal clear streams and green meadows are very attractive, especially to nature lovers.

Besides Sightseeing Zanaskar also provides lots of opportunity for camping and trekking with adventurous trekking routes.

Magnetic Hill

Magnetic Hill
Visit Magnetic Hill:
The hill falls on the National Highway from Leh to Kargil to Baltik. Situated at an altitude of 11,000 feet above sea level, On its south side flows the Indus, which originates in Tibet and goes to Pakistan. magnetic hill has become a popular stop for tourists on car journeys, It provides an opportunity experience a rare natural phenomenon, i.e. Magnetic hill or gravity hill as it is sometimes called is a curious natural phenomenon. The hill can pull any vehicle up its steep slope with the ignition of the vehicle off.

Go on a Yak Safari
Yak safari in the desert lands of Ladakh is a memorable experience as you get to enjoy the pristine beauty of the nature, the serene blue lakes, the sprawling green valleys, and regal snow-peaked mountains standing tall on all sides.

Go on a Camel Safari
Camel trekking or camel safari in Ladakh was the most common mode of transportation for the purpose of trade, around 3-4 centuries ago. It is still predominantly practiced in the Nubra valley from Hundar to Diskit. Only in htis region you will find the Bactrial camels or double-humped camels.

Spot the Snow Leopard Sighting
The best place to find snow leopards in Ladakh is Hemis National Park which is also called the Snow Leopard Capital of the world. Normally the success rate of finding a snow leopard is about 50% in this region.

Visit to the Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame near Leh is actually a museum dedicated to the Indian army's heroic struggles during the war in Kargil and Siachen sectors. It's a very interesting museum displaying the weapons employed during the Kargil war and belongings of the enemy soldiers including their outfits found after the Kargil war.

Nubra Valley

Nubra Valley
The journey to Nubra Valley takes us through the Khardung La pass which is the highest motorable road in the world. The Nubra valley, also called the Valley of Flowers, is about 150 Kms. away from Leh, the capital town of Ladakh.

Nubra valley, a tri-armed valley towards the north east of Ladakh is 3048 meters above the sea level and is termed as heaven on earth. It is necessary for a tourist to acquire an Inner line permit for entering Nubra. The name, Nubra has been given to the region that consists of the valley of the rivers Nubra and Shayok, flowing above and below their merging point.

Attractions: On way to Nurba is Khardungla Pass, the highest Motorable road in the world. Around the valley, there are several ancient Gompas and palaces which are famous tourist attractions. The nearby villages are a great way to enjoy the beautiful view of the valley while taking a stroll. Moreover, the 32- meters high statue of Maitreya Buddha is the landmark of the valley and a famous tourist attraction too.


The valley is around 150 km north from the main town of Leh. The altitude of the valley is just a little less than what the altitude of Leh is. It falls somewhere between 10,000 ft that is 3,231 m at Hundar and 10,600 ft that is 3231 m at Panamik.

Best time to visit:

As per the climatic conditions, the best time to visit Nubra valley is during the autumn season which is between the month of July to September.

Where to stay:

There are several guest houses which prove to be a comfortable accommodation option.

How to Reach:

In order to reach Nubra valley, you have to pass through the Khardung La pass, the highest motorable road in the world. Another route, crosses Wari La from Sakti, towards the east of Khardung La, which connects to the main Nubra road system via Agham and Khalsar along the Shyok River. Along with this, if you want to use the air mode, then the nearest airport is in Leh.

Shanti Stupa

Shanti Stupa
It is situated on a hilltop in Chanspa in Leh Ladakh, it is a Buddhist white domed structure. It was built to promote world peace (as word shanty means Peace) and prosperity and to commemorate 2500 years of Buddhism. It is considered a symbol of the ties between the people of Japan and Ladakh.

The stupa is built as a two-level structure. In the first level, a central golden Buddha image sits on a platform depicting the 'turning wheel of Dharma' (Dharmacakra). The second level has relics depicting the 'birth' of Buddha, the death of Buddha (mahanirvana) and Buddha 'defeating the devils' while meditating.

The beautiful positioning of this stupa provides a breathtaking panoramic view of the surrounding landscape. This has become a primary reason for Shanti Stupa to become a tourist attraction apart from its religious significance.

Best time to visit:

The stupa is open for tourists between 5:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. Sunrise and sunset are considered to provide the best views from Shanti Stupa. The stupa is illuminated with lights at night. The stupa looks best at night, when it is beautifully illuminated with glittering lights. A large number of tourists come to Ladakh every year to visit this amazing stupa.

Khardung La Pass

Khardung La Pass
This pass is at a height of 18,380 ft, lies at about 40 Kms from Leh. It is the highest motorable road in the world.

It lies north of Leh and is the gateway to the Shyok and Nubra valleys. The Siachen Glacierlies part way up the latter valley.

The elevation of Khardung La is 5,359 m (17,582 ft). Local summit signs, boards claim that its elevation is in the vicinity of 5,602 m (18,379 ft) metres and is believed to be the highest vehicle-accessible pass in the world. Every Biker's dream is Khardung la Pass. This pass challenges bikers from all corners of the world testing their metal. Thin air and low oxygen levels makes riding to this pass even more difficult. Flocks of tourists visit this pass in their SUVs each year during mid June to mid October.

Lamayuru Monastery

Lamayuru Monastery
This is the oldest Tibetan Buddhist Monastery. It is situated is situated in Ladakh, in between Bodhkharbu and Kha-la-che, on a steep rock mountain at a height of 3510 metres and about is 127 Kms from Leh. Lamayuru Monastery belongs to the Red-Hat sect of Buddhism and houses approximately 150 Buddhist monks. The monastery is made up of a number of shrines and also has a very rich collection of thankas and magnificent wall paintings. At the outset, the Lamayuru Monastery consisted of five buildings, out of which only the central one exists today. The landscape here resembles a moonland like terrain and has led to a spurt in camps and road trips conducted in this region.

It is believed that the present day Lamayuru region was once a lake-filled valley, which was magically dried up by renowned Buddhist yogi Mahasiddha Naropa. Later, the valley was covered in rocks and Mahasiddha Naropa then went on to establish the Lamayuru monastery.

Things to see and do :

Lamayuru Gompa: Is one of the largest monasteries in Ladakh and is home to 150 plus monks.
Senge-Sgang temple is the oldest surviving monument in Lamayuru.

Alchi Monastry

Alchi Monastry
Located in Ladakh, Alchi Monastry is one of the most famous Monasteries, which is located on flat ground and not on a hilltop like others. This monastery has six main buildings; the Dukhang or main assembly hall, the Sum-tsek or three-tiered temple; the adjoining Manjusri Lha-khang and Lotsawa Lha-Khang temples; the Lha-khang Soma and the Kanjur-Lha-khang. This monastery is widely known for offering the best tourist attractions such as huge Buddha statue in the complex, Sum-stek temple, etc. Located in Srinagar (Jammu and Kashmir, India), Himalayan Adventure World is involved in providing the best packages for a trip to Alchi Monastry. The interested clients all over the world can connect with us at any time of the day to avail our services.

Shey Monastry

Shey Monastry
Located just 15 Km away from Leh, Shey Monastry is considered as the earlier summer residence of the royal family. This is a beautiful place that attracts various tourists and is located on the banks of river Indus. This Shey Monastry is widely famous for its statue of blue-haired Maitreya Buddha which is 17.5 meter high and made of copper and brass. Working in the travel industry since 2010, Himalayan Adventure World is offering the best packages for a trip to Shey Monastry. We are based in Srinagar (Jammu and Kashmir, India) and are offering these tour packages at the most affordable prices as well.

Diskit Monastry

Diskit Monastry
Situated in the Diskit village of Nubra valley, Diskit Monastry is a 14th-century structure and is considered to be the oldest monastery in the Nubra valley. This Diskit Monastry is widely known for housing about 100 monks. The major tourist’s attraction of Diskit Monastry is that there is also a 32 meter high statue of golden Buddha out in the open just opposite the monastery on another hill. This beautiful statue is largely appreciated for its perfect craftsmanship and long service life. Himalayan Adventure World is one such name that can be approached to avail the best packages for a trip to Diskit Monastry. We are based in Srinagar (Jammu and Kashmir, India) and are offering these services at reasonable charges.

Hemis Monastry

Hemis Monastry
Situated in Hemis (Ladakh), Hemis Monastry is widely known as one of the richest monasteries in India. This monastery offers some very rare and exquisite antique collections like the copper statue of Buddha, intricately carved gold and silver stupas and some exotic Thangkas. There are a huge number of tourists, holidaymakers and travelers, who visits this part of the world regularly every year. Based in Srinagar (Jammu and Kashmir, India), Himalayan Adventure World is actively engaged in providing the best opportunities to travel enthusiasts, who wish to visit this place with the most exciting packages. This package will allow these travelers to witness the exotic beauty of this place. To connect with us, dial our numbers now.

Thiksey Monastry

Thiksey Monastry
Himalayan Adventure World is a Srinagar (Jammu and Kashmir, India) based company that can be contacted to provide the best tour packages for the trip to Thiksey Monastry. Working for us is a team of some of the best travel industry experts, who will be with you in every changing scenario of this trip. This beautiful part of the world is a 12-storey building that contains ten temples with an assembly hall and living quarters for the monks and also a nunnery. Many tourists all over the world love to visit this place every year. To know more about our tour packages, you can dial our numbers. These tour packages can be availed at the most affordable charges from us.

Drass Valley
Drass is around 60 Kms to the west of Kargil on the road to Srinagar. The place has beautiful pasture grounds and majestic mountain peaks surrounding it. It is known as the Gateway to Ladakh and is the second highest and coldest inhabited area in the world after Siberia where the temperature goes as low as - 50 in winter. The valley begins at Zozi La and extends till Kargil. During the summer months the valley completely changes from a snow-bound place to a lush green meadows with colourful fragrant flowers enhancing the beauty of nature. Drass has become famous in recent years because of Pakistan's misadventure in the Tiger hill and Tolloling areas. One can have a lovely view of Tiger hill from Drass village.

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